Fluid Intake Calculator

Staying hydrated is essential for our bodies to function. Most adults struggle to meet the recommended daily fluid intake.

Our bodies can’t hold water, so we need new sources every day to make up for what we lose through our skin, lungs, urine, and poop. How much we need varies on how active we are, how big our bodies are, what we eat, and the weather.There are also some interesting studies coming out about how hydration and electrolytes can help with managing chronic pain.

There is water in most foods, even ones that look dry and hard. About 20% of the body’s total water requirements can be met by solid foods alone.

A tiny quantity of water is also produced as a byproduct of food digestion that the body can use. This method of obtaining water can supply about 10% of what the body needs.

The body needs liquids (fluids) to make up the remaining 70% or so of water.

Use the calculator below for a guide on your body’s recommended fluid intake.

woman in white tank top pouring water on clear drinking glass
clear drinking glass with water


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