Hitting reset after overdoing carbs and sugar

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When we started No Spoons to Cook we wanted to make sure it was a balanced view on a keto and low carb lifestyle and be real. Having meals where we overdo carbs and/or sugar is going to happen from time to time. I make really conscious efforts to not do it often or in excess because I end up paying for it, my pain levels spike and it can even trigger a flare up.

Last night there was a South African Braai Night on at a local restaurant. I never get South African food unless I make it myself. There aren’t any restaurants that really make it. And Saffa food tends to be high carbs and loaded with sugar. So for me to see this on locally was exciting.

Last night’s food was no exception to the sugar laden carb fest. I have boerie rolls, bobotie, samosa with Mrs Balls Chutney, peri peri wings and to seal the deal, melktert and peppermint crisp tart. It was like childhood heaven. And man am I paying for it today. I can feel my ankle pulsing from the sugar assault and my guts are hating me from all the wheat and sugar.

Hitting reset

I get really frustrated with the keto police on some of the online communities. They can be so preachy and unless you are making everything from scratch, everyday it is impossible to be as clean as some of them claim to be. I just don’t think the preaching is helpful, particularly when people are learning and doing the best that they can.

I’ve been keto going on five years, and for me I’m really clear that it’s a lifestyle. It would never be sustainable or enjoyable if I was constantly feeling deprived or like I was missing out. For me a keto lifestyle has been finding cleaner versions of my favourite foods, making substitutions and making whole food choices first. I still eat non-keto foods, they are just limited and I rarely binge like I did last night because I hate the following days of pain spikes and feeling bleh. But that’s the choices I make. Some people have to be a lot more strict for other underlying health reasons. I mean I never eat fish or seafood, even trace amounts because I’m quite attached to my ability to breathe. And eating seafood is not compatible with my ability to breathe. It’s about being sensible.

I will leave one caveat on this. If you want using keto to lose weight, having higher carb days and big sugar binges, will stall your progress. As much as I hate the term cheat meal, it is worth thinking carefully if that ‘cheat meal’ is worth it. Particularly in your first few months where you are creating new habits and your body is doing its very heavy lifting with healing itself and your gut biome is resetting.

How to reset

Your body will process the food and flush itself out in a day or so. That is the beauty of digestion. But the hang over feeling tends to stick around for a little bit longer while you’re resetting your body’s fuel source back to ketones.

Just get back onto your meal plan

Our bodies are resilient. Just get right back onto keto food and your meal plan. It will likely take a few days to get back into ketosis, so you may as well start with your next meal to get it kick-started.

Drink plenty of electrolytes and water!

Support your liver and kidneys. Stay hydrated and help flush those toxins out. Invest in a good quality sugar-free electrolyte like Revitalise or Ultima. Their flavours are yummy and they don’t have any added crap. They are both sweetened with stevia but manage to avoid that soapy taste some stevia products have.

If you’ve really overdone it, you may find you get some keto flu symptoms again and the electrolytes will also help ease some of the symptoms.

Eat clean foods.

I tend to be pretty much carnivore for the following days eating primarily meat and some cheese. I also tend to eat smaller portions more often. It helps my body calm down and the smaller portions are kinder on my sore guts.

Eat foods rich in probiotics.

It helps your gut biome recover. I tend to have some kombucha (which I drink daily anyway) and have yoghurt which is good for protein and good fat intake as well.

Don’t beat yourself up.

Life happens. And building new habits takes time and conscious choices. Get right back into keto meals and be kind to yourself.

It may be helpful to think through why you’re choosing a keto way of eating to help you refocus.


Disclaimer: No Spoons to Cook is based on our own experience and research, and what we know works best for us. It is not medical advice. Our recipes focus on low inflammatory ingredients, whole foods and are founded in ketogenic and low carb ways of eating. We encourage spoonies to stay curious, ask questions, do your own research, listen to your body and to work with a Registered Dietitian or Medical Professional when appropriate to tailor your nutritional needs to support your care plan and goals.

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