Pyrex Simply Store Containers (oven, microwave, freezer and dishwasher safe)

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While this sounds amazingly basic, I love my Pyrex Simply Store Containers. Again it’s one of those spoon savers.

  • They’re oven, microwave, freezer and dishwasher safe.
  • They’re stain resistant. A major bonus for my OCD.
  • They stack, making them easy to store in the cupboards and fridge.
  • They come with lids meaning easy storage and clean up. The lids are BPA-Free, pretty air tight and spill proof as added bonus for a klutz like me. The lids are also fine in the microwave.
  • They come in a million different sizes which are sized in cup sizes (embossed on the bottom) making it easier to work out which size to use for various dishes.

An added bonus for me, which appeases my OCD is that they’re pretty enough to go oven to table when serving family style meals. A silly thing but one that I like.

What sizes to get

I got given a rather large collection of Pyrex in my glory box when I turned 21. So I think I have all of the sizes and shapes available 🙂 and some in multiples.

Once you’re in the swing of things, using different sized bowls is a really easy way to start to eye ball different measures of ingredients without having to actually measure things. I know the 4 Cup Round container is a perfect size for a salad for me. Half of a one cup is the perfect size for a chia pudding without having to measure things out. This also helps with estimating macros of meal. It’s a stupidly simple thing but that’s what saving spoons is about.

  • 7 Cup Round Container is a good size mixing bowl and salad bowl. It’s also the size I generally use to baking puddings in. Again, great oven to table container. Then if there’s left overs, pop the lid on and straight into the fridge. AND it fits into 6.7L Air Fryer!
  • 4 Cup Round Container is a perfect size for single serve salads. I will throw all my salad bits in, pop the lid on a shake.
  • 2 Cup Round Container I use for single soup portions.
  • 6 Cup Rectangle Container fits into a fits into 6.7L (medium) Air Fryer! In my house, it’s a perfect size for two meal portions and maybe some left overs. Even though there’s two of us, my partner tends to eat more on the 1.5-2 person size portion because of all the training he does. It’s the perfect size for lasagna, Babootie or enchiladas.
  • 11 Cup Rectangle Container is a better size for family meals. It’s a much deeper dish as well making it good for things like shepherds pie, family servings of lasagna, Babootie or enchiladas.
  • 3 Cup Rectangle Container is perfect for single sized portions of things like lasagna and enchiladas. Are you seeing a theme here 🙂
  • The 4 Cup/1L Measuring Jug is a perfect size for most of you baking and cooking needs. I use it as a mixing bowl more than I use other bowls.

The Pyrex Simply Store 14-Pc Glass Food Storage Round Container Set is a good starting point. It has (1) 7-Cup, (2) 4-Cup, (2) 2-Cup and (2) 1-Cup round glass containers with lid.

For good measure, the Pyrex Simply Store 6-Pc Glass Food Storage Container Set with Lids has (1) 3-Cup, (1) 6-Cup, and (1) 11-Cup rectangle glass containers with lids.

You can get replacement lids for all of the sizes of Pyrex dishes which I think is awesome because there is one store in Brisbane that occasionally has them. I’m only just replacing some of the lids now. Given I’ve had some of my Pyrex since my 21st, I think that’s a really good run. There is a huge range of funky colours now. Mine were all the original blue. But they do come with a 2 year warranty.

Where to buy Pyrex

The Pyrex Shop on Amazon always has some really great deals and bundles you don’t find in bricks and mortar retail.

We have used our Amazon affiliate links in this post. But you can find Pyrex at Woolies, Coles, Kmart and Big W. They occasionally do sales which are worth keeping an eye out for. Being tempered glass, Pyrex is not the cheapest of bakeware on the market. I have found the Pyrex Amazon shop generally a bit cheaper and it has the entire range, whereas the retailers tend to have a much more limited range.

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