Pyrex Microwave Safe Measuring Jugs

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I love my Pyrex measuring jugs. It’s one of those ‘save your spoons’ things for me.

They’re microwave safe which means I can melt things like butter and the chuck in the rest of ingredients without messing up another bowl. Pyrex is also dishwasher safe. Which for me is a must.

It sounds like a really small thing. But when you’ve got no spoons to cook, faffing around with extra bowls, measuring cups and working out what’s microwave safe just takes mental energy I don’t have or want to spend. I’ve eliminated that by having four different sized Pyrex jugs. Simples. Pick the size I need and I don’t have to worry about what’s microwave or dishwasher safe.

What sizes to get

I probably use the 2 Cup and 4 Cup jugs the most. Pyrex also have metric and imperial measures which means you don’t have to do the conversions. Pyrex is an American brand so the cups are American sizing which is slightly smaller than Australian. A standard American 1-cup measuring cup holds approximately 240mL of liquid, while an Australian 1-cup measuring cup may hold slightly more or less, typically around 250mL. For 99% of what you cook and bake, this is not going ever going to be an issue.

Where to buy Pyrex

The Pyrex Shop on Amazon always has some really great deals and bundles you don’t find in bricks and mortar retail. You can get replacement lids for all of the sizes of Pyrex dishes which I think is awesome because there is one store in Brisbane that occasionally has them.

We have used our Amazon affiliate links in this post. But you can find Pyrex at Woolies, Coles, Kmart and Big W. They occasionally do sales which are worth keeping an eye out for. Being tempered glass, Pyrex is not the cheapest of bakeware on the market. I have found the Pyrex Amazon shop generally a bit cheaper and it has the entire range, whereas the retailers tend to have a much more limited range.

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