Inside-Out Health by Dr. Robert G. Silverman 

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Early on in my diagnosis a girlfriend leant me a copy of Inside-Out Health (Amazon). Sadly it’s not on Audible so it took me a while to pick up and read.

Robert Silverman is an American Chiropractor, has a Masters of Science in human nutrition and practices functional nutrition. I’ve come to learn that some chiros go well beyond the snap crackle and pop on your spine.

His book was probably one of the first times I started to see a big connection between sports nutrition and its applications in chronic pain management. There is a mountain of money invested in holisitic and functional health treatments for athletes, and the research into inflammation amongst other things has some incredible applications for spoonies.

What to expect

Dr Rob has some great information about

  • How gut bacteria affect your entire body and how to change them for the better
  • How to rid yourself of accumulated toxins and give yourself new energy and focus
  • How to reduce inflammation and help prevent heart disease and cancer
  • How laser therapy can help relieve pain and restore range of motion
  • How to achieve optimal bone and joint health

The book is focusses more around healing acute issues than chronic conditions. However, the way he looks at things and explains nutrition i.e. food as medicine, I found interesting and have applied some of ideas into my own treatment protocols.

He does talk about supplementation which is very American based. I thought it was interesting to see what and why he’s recommending different supps and I’ve managed to source similar things with varying degrees of success. Dr Rob is an advocate for whole foods and a low GI vegetable forward diet.

Where to get it

Amazon (affiliate): It comes in paperback, hardcover and Kindle. It’s free on Kindle Unlimited.

Dr Rob also has regular content in Facebook, Instagram and YouTube that is worth checking out.

Spoonie brain hack

Side note, Spoonie Audible Hack: Since CRPS, I’ve struggled to read recreationally. There are a lot of books not available in the Australian region which is amazingly annoying. Determined to not have CRPS steal another one of my joys, I looked into speech to text tools.

After trying a few I settled on the premium subscription for Speechify (affiliate link). I use it on my desktop and phone to plough through my school textbooks and Kindle books that aren’t available through Audible. Personally, I love it. I hack my brain by using the different voice actors. At the moment Snoop Dogg is reading me through my nutrition studies and making my anatomy subjects much more enjoyable. There’s other voices I used for different genres which helps me separate recreation from study. There is some science to this, but I’ll leave it at it works well for me when I have to focus vs when I can wind down.



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